Sell A Car On Consignment

At GR Auto Gallery, we created our vehicle consignment program as a way to completely remove all of the headaches that come from trying to sell. We handle the paperwork, marketing, money transfers, appointments, & shipping so that you don’t have to. 

11,000+ Vehicles Sold Globally

37-day Average Time To Sell

4 Locations

How Does It Work?

Our goal is to make it as stress-free as possible when you decide it’s time to sell your vehicle. To achieve this, we’ve created a simple 5 step process.

STEP 1: Transport Your Vehicle To One Of Our Showrooms

This is when we will go through the consignment agreement and you’ll determine how much money you want for your vehicle. We will also collect as much information about your vehicle as possible, including modifications, restorations, etc. This helps us answer any questions a potential buyer may have. 

We can also coordinate shipping your vehicle to our facility if you aren’t comfortable driving it to us or are too far away to make the trip!

STEP 2: Professional Full-Service Detailing & Photography

Now that your vehicle is in our showroom, it heads to the back to get a full-service detail from one of our specialists. Once your car is spotless, our creative team takes over 100 photos and 3 videos to best represent your vehicle to potential buyers.

STEP 3: Market The Vehicle Globally On Over 50 Major Websites

Every single vehicle in our inventory gets listed for sale on over 50 websites. This includes the biggest names in the industry such as CarGurus, Hemmings, Autotrader, & eBay Motors.

Our ability to ship to buyers in all 50 states, and as well as internationally, means that your vehicle is listed in every corner of the market. This drastically increases the amount of potential buyers & maximizes the value of your car! 

STEP 4: Our Team Handles The Entire Process

Each vehicle is assigned to a salesperson who manages the entire process, meaning that you don't have to worry about missed appointments, constant phone calls, or potential scams. Our sales process is also fully transparent, so you’ll never be left in the dark at any point. 

In the event we receive an offer for less money than you’re asking for, we will contact you and let you make the decision to accept or decline. 

STEP 5: Your Vehicle Sells & You Collect Your Check!

Once you decide to accept an offer, we handle all of the paperwork and you collect the check! You’ll never have to worry about any steps getting skipped. 

That’s All There Is To It!

Our consignment process truly is that simple! Below is a short video that explains these steps in more detail in case you have any questions.

What Makes Us So Effective?

Global Advertising & Exposure: We have sold vehicles in all 50 states and over 100 countries worldwide! Our entire inventory is advertised to all markets across the globe. If someone is in the market for your car, there isn’t a chance they’ll miss it. 

We Accept Trades: Our experience allows us to recognize the value of trade offers. We take the vehicle on trade, and you take the money for it. Offering this service increases the potential buyers for your vehicle. 

Financing: We work with the top financing companies to make the purchasing process as easy as possible for buyers. Having this ability allows us to accept more than just cash offers. 

Shipping & Transportation: A large portion of the cars we sell leave the state and some even leave the country. Our internal team handles the entire shipping process to get your vehicle in the hands of the new owner!

Respect: We have a significant number of repeat clients that continue to work with us because of one key element: respect. We treat both you and your vehicle with the utmost respect. We aren’t here to sell your vehicle from beneath you and make a quick profit. We are focused on building a professional relationship that will continue for years to come. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I never drive my car in the winter, do I have to wait until spring or summer to consign?

A: We have relationships with numerous local and nationwide carriers that offer both open or enclosed transportation to get your car to our showrooms! We handle the entire process so you don’t have to.

Q: What happens if my vehicle doesn’t receive any offers?

A: Our process is unique because you set the price of your car. However, if we don’t get any offers, we may recommend reducing the price to encourage buyers. We will NEVER reduce the price stated on your contract without your consent first! 

Q: Do I leave my title with you? 

A: We strongly encourage you to leave your title with us because it speeds up the process. However, it is not a requirement! If you keep it, you will need to bring the title to finalize the sale. 

Q: Should I leave insurance on my vehicle? 

A: We do recommend you keep insurance on the vehicle while it is in our showrooms. Although, you may switch to storage insurance to reduce the costs. 

Q: If I owe money on my vehicle can I still consign with you?

A: Yes! We work with your bank to pay off the loan at the time of sale. If you have it, please bring in your pay-off note or Lien Release when you drop your vehicle off.

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