Shipping and International Sales

Simple and Safe - With the vast majority of our sales happening out of state and abroad, GR Auto Gallery works with a large pool of bounded and insured shipping companies across the country to ensure our vehicles arrive safely and securely to our customers.   Trustworthy and Secure - We only work with shipping companies that are licensed, bounded, and insured with excellent customer ratings. The transparency in our process ensures that vehicles arrive without mistakes. As soon as it leaves our facility, the vehicle is in the hands of the shipper, which is why trustworthiness and security is important to us.
Volume - GR Auto Gallery sells over 1,000 vehicles annually which means we have the knowledge and expertise to get the most cost-effective shipping for your vehicle. We coordinate shipping every day and are respected by even the largest shipping companies.   Dedication and Exposure - A full time shipping coordinator is on staff to make sure the vehicles are shipped safely and on time. Dedication and attention to details mean that your vehicle arrives just like it should. A pre-departure inspection insures the vehicle is ready to roll.
International -  Nearly a quarter of our sales leave the United States and we continue to build relations and sales over-seas. We have the experience and knowledge to help set customers up with proper shippers and customs brokers that make the process extremely easy. We have sold vehicles to over 100 countries around the world.   Open or Enclosed -  It is the customer’s choice whether to ship your vehicle on an open or an enclosed trailer. Open trailers are often more inexpensive, and closed trailers will provide a bit more security. We can provide advice on which option to choose.

  CFR Rinkens  
  PH: 310-223-0474 

  Schumacher Cargo Logistics
  PH: 800-599-0190
  US Canada Auto Transport
  PH: 800-466-6935 



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Our ZIP code is 49512 if shipping from GR Auto Gallery of Grand Rapids